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Friday, April 24, 2009

Not my usual chill time...

Since starting Jazzercise and SparkPeople a little more than a month ago I have a little routine down, as far as exercise goes.

I do Jazzercise Monday-Wednesday-Friday evenings, and Tuesday-Saturday mornings. Thursday and Sunday are my "off" days. I do strength training Monday thru Friday at work between calls, daily.

Thursday Jazzercise is in the mornings, while I am working, and Sunday is reserved for Church and family. Thursday evenings I have choir practice but not until 730 so I have a few hours to kill. I usually spend that time reading, playing video games, or watching a movie from Netflix.

Last night I was laying on my bed, playing my video game, and was feeling a little blah. I FIGURED IT OUT... I WANTED TO WORK OUT!!!! shock, gasp....

I.... WANTED.... TO.... WORK.... OUT..... knock me over with a feather!!

So, I changed clothes, and put in a DVD that I got from Netflix last week but have not used yet. It has 2 10-minute and 2 20-minute programs to chose... I picked one of the 20-minute selections. When that was done, I was sweating up a storm. Then I put in one of the 10-minute programs, and DID THAT TOO!!!

About half-way thru the 10-minute one Jules the Cat came to investigate... "what is momma doing??"

I ended up pushing him out of the way to finish the routine.

Then I took a quick shower, got dressed again and left for choir. I FELT WONDERFUL! and so proud of myself. Can you tell??

me and dad at monterey bay aquarium ~ april 17, 2009

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

LOST! and not the TV show!

I lost 2.5 inches off my hips so far!!! Does anyone know where they went? Don't tell them where to find me cause I don't want them back...

trees at Asilomar

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Beginning Week 3

Three weeks ago yesterday I started going to Jazzercise classes! Today is the beginning week 3 of my Spark life. I am still down 10 lbs. and my measurements have not changed much, but I am not giving up hope like I would usually do. I know this will be an ongoing battle. I did not gain all this weight and become unhealthy in 2 weeks and so I will not get healthy and lose the weight that quickly either.

I have been attending Jazzercise Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday. Two of the classes are morning, the other 3 are evening. This has been a real adjustment for me. I am use to going home after work and sitting on my butt for the entire evening. Now I go home, get ready for class, take the class, come home, MAKE dinner, eat, WASH the dishes right away... then and only then will I let myself sit down.

I have started to eat breakfast every morning, making lunches every day, and cooking dinner. I have started to go shopping for groceries and making smart choices. I have been to a fast food drive thru only twice, and I knew what I was going to get before going so that I would be within my calorie range. I have bought a food scale and am using it, and the measuring cup/spoons... EVERYTHING that goes on my plate is portioned.

The first 2 weeks were easy. My son was off to his grandfather's home for that time. It allowed me space to get in a groove. He came home on Sunday and so far so good. I have told him that I am doing this. Explained why and told him that if he wants he can come with me to the class site. I gave him the option to sit and watch the class (which he did on Tuesday), or he can get a basketball and play hoops on the court in the park, or just hang in the car and listen to his music or whatever.

I have food on hand that an 18-y.o. boy will like. He can make himself his regular food-stuff during the day like usual, but he can either eat the food that I make at night or not. His choice.

He complained about the pot roast that I served last night. He just does not like steak/roast. I told him he didn't have to eat it but if he wanted something else he would have to scrounge for it. He really like the 7-grain mix that I cooked, so I am going to go and get more of it. It was really nutty and crunchy, with great flavor.

I took him shopping with me Monday night and we picked out some healthy food together. Luckily I got him drinking Silk a few years ago and so he really likes that (I don't drink milk), and yogurt he loves. I know he won't touch my cottage cheese, nor the fruits and veggies that I have bought. He will eat the veggies if I cook them, but he won't do it on his own.

Overall he is being very supportive, and maybe I will start setting some sort of example to him.

Wish me luck as I begin week 3!