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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Keep It Simple Stupid

I have never thought of myself as simple, or stupid, but in looking at my life for the past year I have been living quite simply.

I have no car, no home phone, no internet access. My phone is 13 inches diagonal, with no cable, no dish. I have rabbit ear antennae and still get only 2 stations reasonably well, channels 40 and 31. I have a little boom-box that Charlie got for Christmas a few years ago. It can play one CD, and I get only one station in clearly on it.

In order to get places I still am relying on others, whether it is friends, co workers, family, or the Sacramento Regional Transit. For shopping, I usually just pick up what I can comfortably carry home; just a few items each trip. Once in a while I have my dad take me shopping, when I load down the trunk with groceries and paper products, cat supplies, etc.

I have tried to curtail unnecessary spending, mostly because I really don’t have much to spare. Rent takes up 66% of my income (after taxes). Utilities: gas, water, garbage, electric, cell phone take up another 200. SO, I basically have about $200 a month to live on, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that I have to live simply.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Strange Night

I am really feeling crappy today. I had a strange thing happen last night that really shook me up.

I was in bed, trying to go to sleep. I was in the middle ground of being asleep and being awake, and had a form of nightmare that was really disturbing. I had the sensation of something that I would describe as paralysis, could not move, couldn’t raise my arms or swing my legs out of bed, raise myself in any way.

My eyes were open, I think, I was able to see the normal shadows on the wall, my night stand, and items there. My mind felt like it was shaking, I thought I heard chattering voices, very threatening to me. It almost felt like my eyes were twitching back and forth. The thought going thru my mind was that I was having a stroke or heart attack, because I couldn’t move or pull myself out of it. As I am writing this I am thinking “this is just sounding crazy” …

I finally was able to wake up completely and move… then I didn’t want to go back to sleep because I was afraid it would start up again.

In His Loving Arms...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Horror Scopes II

The horoscope that I resisted looking at yesterday reads:

You could be tempted to buy some rather nice or expensive things for yourself
today. But if you've given any thought to changing your spending habits lately,
now would be the perfect time to start. You might want to take the opportunity
to sort through your whole financial picture today.

WELL, I don't want to sort through my WHOLE FINANCIAL PICTURE today.
What if I do want to buy something nice and expensive for myself.
I don't want to change my spending habits.

OH, ok... I guess being broke wouldn't have been the first clue. Right??

Monday, January 07, 2008

Horror Scopes

One of many Horoscopes for me today says:

You could be getting interesting news about some developments on the work front today. And if you've been giving any thought to the subject, it might not be a bad time to think about asking for a raise. Your attention should be primarily focused on your money and personal values today.

Yesterday my fortune cookie told me:

The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.

It all has me wondering “What is going to happen??”

Just a note: the site that has my horoscope has a hyper link that is labeled: Tomorrow’s Horoscope. I really want to click on that but it seems like tempting fate. It would seem like that TV show where the guy gets tomorrow’s paper and tries to stop bad things from happening… BTW I am not going to click on that hyperlink.

Another thought: why are there so many DIFFERENT horoscopes? Shouldn’t they be redundant??

Friday, January 04, 2008

Polite Neighbors

I have some very polite neighbors, or at least if they are not neighbors then I could only hope and wish and pray that they are!!

Can you hear sarcasm in that sentence?? I'm sorry...

California is under a heavy winter storm barrage right now. They have been warning of it for a few days so I wanted to get things in order before having to batten down the hatches. Therefore, with this in mind, last night I wanted to make sure that I cleared the kitty litter box and removed the trash from the apartment.

Because it is a good thing to do I made sure as I left my apartment to lock the door behind me. Oh, also the cat decided that he wanted to brave the great outdoors too, so he whooshed by before the door shut. I let him stay out, which I do often when going out for just a couple minutes. It makes him feel good, but I digress.

I start to go around the corner of the building with my trash in hand and what do I see?? I see the back of a person, his front being facing a bush. The young gentleman was peeing.

I gasped and almost said something, and he turned his head before I had a chance to turn away. He said, very politely "OH, sorry ma'am." I decided to take the trash out a different route.

I say the people are polite because even when they are displaying bad behaviors, they are polite about it. I guess their mamma's taught them well. The guy who almost kicked in my door apologized, and so did the bush-pee'er.

I have to admit though, I am envious. There have been many times that I wish I had the ability to pee in the bushes, and you ladies know that you wish so to.

In his loving arms,