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Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, the "diet" is history. It lasted longer than most and less than is necessary. I am still watching what I am eating, though it has levelled out. The weight loss plateau'd and I stuck at 242. I am still there even after a couple weeks of not "dieting"... so that is a good thing.

Idol happiness: Kristy Lee got the boot. I really thought Carly would be going this week but she has stuck it thru. I hope that she sings "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" ... is that an Andrew Lloyd-Webber ?? If not oh, well.

My vote for the next Idol would have to be David Cook. He is a natural, even though his head is unnaturally shaped. He said it first, and it made me notice. David Archuletta is good but a little too stiff, and a little too young. I think he will be a star but not the next Idol winner.

Charlie update: he is failing his senior year in high school. I think he will have to repeat or go to summer school to finish up. Out of 6 classes currently he has F's in 3 of them, and is not passing his senior project, which was suppose to be presented.... Yesterday! sigh ... oh well, things will work out, one way or the other.

as always,
In His Loving Arms