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Friday, May 30, 2008


"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

-Bonnie Jean Wasmund

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Favorite Movies meme

10 Favorite Movies meme

list my top ten favorite movies.... no particular order:

Breakfast Club
Dirty Dancing
Gone with the Wind
Beauty and the Beast (Disney version)
Close Encounters
Star Wars
Tortilla Soup
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Forrest Gump

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last night I had about 4 hours of sleep. I did not nap during the day, and I was tired. When I did put down my video game and decide it was time to sleep, I lay there for at least an hour. I tossed and turned, laying first on my right side, then my left. Bunching up the pillow, pillow flat, arm out to the side, arm close to my side. Nothing worked. I don’t remember what thoughts were going through my head either, although I do know they were there.

Finally I fell asleep. Then around 4:30am I woke up. I don’t know what triggered it, just that I was awake. About 5 or 10 minutes later I heard someone get in their car, start up and leave. My thought at that point was “gosh I am glad I don’t have to be at work at this ungodly hour.” I turned over and tried to sleep again.

The cat heard the person outside and took that time to climb up in the window. His tail made “swish swish” sounds as he twitched while looking out. A bird started singing. Well, actually it was not singing to me. Just NOISE. Another bird started in. The day was dawning, and I was not ready for it. I didn’t hear the mockingbird this morning, just two other birds with their common voices raised in song, welcoming the day.

I finally fell asleep again, I don’t know what time it was. The next sound I heard was my alarm clock waking me up again. It was 6:27am. The alarm is programmed to start beeping at 6:05am. I must have turned it off a few times before it pried into my mind and made me get up.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rummage Sale

I helped out at my church's rummage sale this past Saturday. We, Charlie and I, were encouraged to be there, as the proceeds will help with summer camp scholarship and this is Charlie's last summer. We got up and left the house around 7am to get the 714am bus downtown. Then we took light rail to 39th street, then walked the few blocks to the church. We stopped at Starbucks on the between the bus and train to get fuel.

It was a beautiful day, too prety to be inside, but the doors were open to let in the day.

When we walked in there was a huge crowd of the early morning shoppers. Or so I thought. Most of the people, once I started glancing around, were actually church members there to help. They were all out of their Sunday clothes, hair pulled back, sneakers on, no make up! It was nice. There were some shoppers there too. I mostly spent the first hour or so wandering around looking to see what there was that I should NOT buy. There were some cool vinyl records (i have no player) that Charlie and I laughed about. There were some great VHS tapes, I don't have a VHS player any more. And there was a lot of electronics, speakers and raidos, that caught Charlie's attention.

Vickie was there and she is a great sales person. She walked among the people exclaiming over what they were looking at, asking if they needed a bag for their items. A couple ladies were guarding the door, making sure no one left without paying. Mostly the rest of us just walked amonst the shoppers and rearranged things on the tables. Charlie was my shadow.

Charlie was the only teen boy there and he got to help people out to their cars with larger items. He walked Virginia across the road with her purchases. She lives right across the street, uses a walker and moves about 2 yards a minute. Poor thing, but she is always at church and functions at church, and is a sweetheart. Charlie walked nice and slow with her and they talked all the way there. Charlie is really good with old people.

When I got bored, I took out my cross stitch and worked on it a little. I sat outside the door and greeted people with "Hi, Good Morning!" and as they left "Have a Great Day!" A couple of the other women who are about my age sat with me and we talked about crafts and other stuff. It was nice to talk with these ladies. I have not talked with them before, other than "HI". I came away feeling like I may be on the way to possible friendships, finally. I have been at this church over a year now. It was nice.

Around 2pm, we all helped clean up, boxing the left over items for charity and cleaning the room. We set up the fellowship hall for church the next day. A couple people swept the floors. The tween girls cleaned the kitchen. Pastor Ted counted the money. It was a very good day, money-wise. $1140 made for church camp scholarship!!

Afterwards, instead of walking to the train Charlie and I got a ride from Ted and Vicki. I asked them if they could take me to Ikea. They did. Charliel and I had dinner at Ikea, and he made me walk out without even looking at anything. Pat myself on the back for that because I can get caught up in the Ikea experience. We took the bus home.

It was a very long day, getting home finally a little after 6:30pm. Charlie and I both took showers and went to bed. He wanted me to wake him up around 8pm. I didn't. He slept thru his alarm going off and I figured he needed to sleep. I played my PSP for a while and fell asleep around 930pm.

It was a really great Saturday.

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