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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have been knitting a new afghan/lap robe. I started it in one pattern/stitch which I really like, but I got bored with it after a while.... So, I got out my Encylopedia of Needlework and found another easy stitch that I could incorporate... So I have 44 rows of the first pattern, then about 30 rows of the new pattern, then it goes back and forth... I really like the way it looks!

I have been making a lot of afghans in the past few months. It is nice to do on a cold day/evening. I crochet as well as knit. I have completed 3 and currently working on 2 others. I have given 2 away already. I don't know what I will do with the ones that I am working on or the 1 that has been finished already. Thinking about building up stock and sell them at craft shows next Christmas, but I like to give them away too much!!!... I love to see the faces of those who are getting them. The true appreciation on their faces is worth more than any money in the world. But..... I would like to sell some and see if I can turn a little profit!

Knitting and Crocheting,
In His Loving Arms

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holy Attitudes

I went to a new Bible study last night, at my new church. There were about 15 women there. We were not the only group meeting in the church last night, but were one of 4 groups total. One was another church group, one was a praise team practicing their music and the other was an Al Anon. Our group was being talkative and apparently loud. One woman from another group came and shut the door, explaining that we were noisy. She was not rude or having any bad attitude.

A couple of the women in my Bible group grumbled about "we were here first" meaning "it is OUR church and you are here by our grace" ... the other woman had already shut the door, so this was not said to her face. I still felt awkward about the grumbles. The situation was repeated to others who had missed out on it.

Our regional minister a few months ago addressed "Holy Attitudes/Manners" addressing this sort of attitude. I was one of the people who was "singled out", not by name but by deed and I recognized myself in it and so I have been trying to adjust myself accordingly. I felt very awkward indeed, but kept silent. There was also a lot of other bits of tension in the group. I don't know if I will be going there again. Maybe I will give it another try next month and see if things are different.

In His Loving Arms

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Jagged Edge

Well, this past Sunday, after church during Fellowship I was eating a donut hole. Just your ordinary chocolate donut hole. It was nice and soft and chocolatly. Then I hear a crunch sound! There are walnuts in this donut?? So, I fish the "walnut" out and find to my surprise it is part of one of my teeth. In fact, as I have learned today, my tooth #19.

This is a tooth that has been giving me just a little bit of tenderness for a few years now. I had a cavity which was filled about 30 years ago and I guess it was worn out. My tooth cracked at the gum line and just broke off. No prob thought I. Same thing happened with the matching molar on the right side of my mouth a few years ago. Got that one fitted with a temporary crown and in a couple weeks when the new, permanent crown came in, I was good as new.

Well, Monday I went to the local dentist that I have been planning on setting an appt with sometime soon anyways. No, appt just figured it was kinda an emergency. Took the day off work and everything. Big mistake. The dentist was not expected to be in until the afternoon, may be able to fit me in, so come back after 1. So, I took the bus to work and checked my emails, checked with my insurance (new year new plans), got all the information to put on the stack of forms that I got from the dentists office. I took the bus back to the dentist.

I walked into the office and a different person was behind the counter, so I explained that I had been in earlier and was told to come back this afternoon. She said yes she was told, and sorry but the doctors morning "meeting" ran longer than expected and he has cancelled all of the appts scheduled for the afternoon and the next avail appt would not be until Wed. morning 9am. Would that be ok? Well, really what choice did I have, I made the appt. I took Tuesday off and then Wed (today) also. Seemed like a good thing to do as the jagged edge of the filling is cutting into my tongue.

Went back to the Dentist this morning, my how things have changed since I last went to a dentist (has been about 2 years). Everything is computerized. The xray machine used a sensor instead of film and the xray showed right on the computer monitor just seconds after being taken. The informational computerized lesson about the new xray system says that it emits 90% less radiation than the old type, plus does not harm the atmostphere with any harsh chemical products.

Then the dentist came in a took a look at my mouth with an oral camera. Took a lot of pictures of different angles which he placed in a file on the computer. Told me to smile even for the camera and put that there for me to look at. He showed me a couple other computerized lessons about old fillings and how they usually only lasted about 10 years (remember mine are 30 years old), and how with heat/cold they expand/contract within the tooth, and allow bacteria etc to get into the tooth and eventually will cause more decay and tooth failure.

One of the lessons was about the new technology which allows the dentist to take a computer picture of the toothsite and get accurate measurements for a crown; explained how the crown was made completely in another machine; was adhered to the bone in the mouth, etc.

Oh, yeah another lesson was about the oral camera. After each of the "lessons" the doctor proudly said "What do you think about THAT!?!?!?" I must say I was very impressed, and getting more and more worried about the cost of this little visit. I was already told it would be about $1,100 (my yearly dental max is $1,500).

After looking at my mouth for a couple minutes I was told that because my tooth broke off at the gum line there is nothing to adhere the crown to and I need a procedure called "crown lengthening" but would have to go to another Doctor for that process. I was given a referral slip and told that the other office was just a quick walk away. I was also given the impression that I would be able to have the procedure done today and then get the crown fitted etc.

NOT! I filled out a registration form (everything is on computers or stylus) and was told I can sit down and wait for my consultation. The office I was sitting in was for "Surgical Arts"-- the doctor apparently does a lot of cosmetic surgury, but also oral surgury/dentistry -- molars removed, tmj, and crown lengthening" !! But, if I ever want to get liposuction or a breast augmentation, now I know where to go!

I waited about an hour or so before talking with the doctor, a very nice man and he looked in my mouth, explained the procedure, took heath background notes, and then had me sign a release form which explained the hazards of oral surgury. The release form was also computerized, with a stylus contraption.

Then I was able to make an appt for NEXT WEDNESDAY (oh they close at 330 at this office) for the latest appointment which is 230pm. I also found out that my insurance covers only about $150 of the surgury and my out-of-pocket will be about $360. I had to pay $14 for my portion of the consulation. I don't know what amount will be paid by insurance for the actual crown and dental appointment for earlier today, etc. Luckily I have some money that I put aside for Charlie's orthodontic work, which will be coming up soon.

After I left the Surgical Arts office I walked back to the dentists office and let them know my appt for the lengthening is next week and so when can I come in for the crown. They said that I would have to wait about 2 weeks after before I could get the crown made/fitted. So, that appt is scheduled for Jan 31. Sigh.... this has been a really long and draining week already, and now I have to wait another 3 weeks with this jagged edge in my mouth. But, I am sure it will be lovely to look at when it is done.

I think that I will have the Doctor take a picture of the final crown so that I can frame it and put it on the wall. It will be a work of art worth about $1,750 when all is said and done.

But, as always I am....

In His Loving Arms

Friday, January 05, 2007


Just a generalized blog today... a thought I have been thinking...

About a year or so ago I was watching the news... The reporter was talking with an elderly man who had a disease like bronchitis or emphysema. The man with all seriousness said that he was told that he should have an oxygen canister to take around with him so that he can get enough oxygen... he refused.

His reason?? -- He did not want to get "hooked" on the stuff.

Unbelievable but true.

Now, I am all for the intent behind the statement, not wanting to be "hooked" on drugs or alcohol, but seriously, I am really, really glad that I am "hooked" on oxygen.

Think of the alternative... !!