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Friday, June 15, 2007

Charlies 17th Birthday

Well, just to update the last time I posted when things were bad...

Some people that were picked for the new job at work backed out, and so I am on the new team and start training next week. The first group that is training says it is filled with a lot of technical things and quite intense, and it sounds great to me so far.

Charlie and I went to Great America and had a great time. I made him take his iPod along so that I could have some quite time to read on the 3 hr train ride to Santa Clara. He only talked about half the time. Praise be to GOD!! People who know Charlie know what I mean!!!!!

I think the walk from the train station to the entry of G.A. was a bit longer than the .3 mile that one web-site mentioned, but it was still not too bad. The weather was great that day, low 80's and breezy. The park didn't have any shows but they have plenty of rides to go on. They only had a few school groups at the park that day and not much else. I was so relieved, I had crowded parks. The longest time we had to wait was for INVERTIGO and that was maybe 15 minutes.

Click here to see the parks Thril Rides.

The first ride of the day was Top Gun which was awesome. I have to tell you I love rides that go fast, upside down, round and round. But, sometimes my body doesn't. They have a ride called VORTEX and that one has a restraint system that makes you feel like you have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, boxed about the head, ear torn off, etc.

The ride that Charlie likes the most I think was Drop Zone. I remember going on it 20 years ago, they have changed the ride a little bit but same basic... go up, and freefall down. Description of this one is: Experience the rush of gravity as you descend 22 stories in less than four seconds on the DROP ZONE Stunt Tower, one of the tallest and most intense free-fall rides in the world. Hold on tight as your vehicle coasts down the 224-foot tower in complete safety.

Charlie was loving it, and went on probably 8 times during the day. I went on about 4 times. I don't know why. I am terrified of heights and this ride just emphasized that. Each time I got to the top I started thinking "oh God, why did I come up here!?! Oh, please get me down and don't let me do this again....... AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH..." I scream all the way down each time. 4 seconds seems forever yet not long enough.

Charlie never screams, I don't think he ever makes a noise, just holds on tight, then when the ride is over wobbles on unsteady feet, then gets back in the line to do it again.

He was starting to really feel tired around 5pm but wanted to go on Top Gun again, so we crossed the park and he made the ride 2x's more before we left. I sat and read my book, in the shade and drinking a PowerAde. When he was done, we went to one of the shops and bought little souviner's for the day, and started walking to the train station.

We had an hour to wait for the train, and Charlie was quite restless and moody because he was exhausted. The train was promptly there at 7:27p, and Charlie was asleep or at least dozing off right away.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sometimes life just sucks...

Suck #1 --
Yesterday I rode the bus to work because I attend Taize prayer services at St Francis Catholic Church (26th & K) and I didnt want to ride home then quickly get to the bus to get to the church on time... I was able to get a friend to drive me from work to 4th and J where I was meeting Charlie and taking the next bus to the church. We got home around 830 and I found that my bike had a flat tire and would not hold air... again... so, today I again rode the bus.

Suck #2 -- I was told last week that my car (broken and dead) in the parking lot of my work since October, needs to be moved within this week. I haven't contacted any one about it yet and when I went to the car found that it would not turn over, battery is DEAD.

Suck #3 -- While opening the car found a couple of wasp/hornet/yellow-jacket nests in 1. the frame of the drivers door, and 2. the engine area.

Suck #4 -- BEING DUMB and trying to remove the nests with a twig, a very very short and flimsy twig.

Suck #5 -- Being stung by one of the little buggers on my wrist, not once as I originally thought, but twice; looks a little like a vampire attacked my wrists.

Good #1 -- Not allergic to said bites !!! like my father and brother are... can I say an AMEN?!? Yes, I can.. AMEN!!!

Suck #6 -- Being passed over for a new work group at my job. I am on an attendance warning, and tho 5-6 people who were chosen are also on warning, I have more seniority than any of them, and I have not gotten a good excuse why I was not chosen. If they can explain it to me, I would accept it but they are hemming and hawwing and not answering the question... other than that they had their CRITERIA and I didnt fit it. So, I say let me know the criteria so that I can IMPROVE myself.. no answer to that yet either.

Good #2 -- Charlie turns 17 !!!! TOMORROW I am going to surprise him with a great birthday trip. We are going to be up and on a Bus by 6a.m, then Amtrak to Santa Clara and we are going to GREAT AMERICA!

PLEASE GOD PROVIDE ME WITH STRENGTH, PATIENCE AND CALM, I am really in need of these right now...


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Falling off the Bike

I didn't want to post this earlier because of the damage, from my pride. Two weeks ago I mis-calculated and turn and fell off my bike. I was crossing at the overpass on Truxel going over I-80, and I had to get across two lanes of traffic which was entering the freeway. I waited for a clear spot in the traffic and went for it... got across the road ok but then hit the curb of the sidewalk. I didn't turn the wheel sharp enough and it caught up on it and I went tumbling.

Now, I don't know if you can picture it but after the sidewalk is the slope of a hill that goes from the top of the overpass down to the freeway. I thought for a second that I would be rolling down the hill but I didnt.. luckily. And, better yet, I don't think anyone saw me fall. I popped back up, brushed off and continued on my way. I bit later my elbow was stinging and I looked down to see a scratch from mid-forearm to the eblow itself, and it was bleeding a little. It was basically roadrash, but no other injuries, (excepts my ego).

It was kind of funny because earlier that day I was talking with my supervisor Deborah about where to find my body if I don't show up for a few days. This was one of the two worrisome spots in my ride home. The other was on the OTHER side of the freeway. I must have jinxed myself or something. It was actually a little funny, and I can laugh at myself about it now. I still worry about those areas but am a little more cautious now.

And, as always,

I remain in His Loving Arms