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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Last night my son's father called him and told him that he had found a place to live that was in town. The place, thankfully, is across town and not in the complex I live in. However now the question is .... will Charlie move in with his father or stay living with me? Charlie really wants to live with dad and I understand that. There are times that I really want him to, but I know his fathers history, and it has not been great. Charlie now is thinking about if he will have to change schools, etc. I did let him know that if he lived with his dad that he can still go to school where he is at, as dad will have to drive that direction to get to work anyways... Don't know if he is happy with this information or not.

Also, last night Charlie and I walked to the corner corner shopping center and had dinner at the Round Table there. We also checked at the grocery store and bike shop for a bike pump. Charlie had a few guys who were hanging around the place say hello to him and give him the "head nod" hello. He did say hello back but then he wanted to be no where around his mom, too embarrassed to be seen in public with MOM! I found it quite amusing.

On another note, after reading my blog about falling one of my friends called me up and asked if I wanted a ride home yesterday. I was grateful. She asked to remain anonymous. She even got off work 30 minutes before I did and waited around til I was off work! So nice.!! Thank you!

My supervisor also lives near me and offered to give me a ride when she was able. This morning she saw me standing at the bus stop and stopped for me. That is a savings of $2.25 each time I don't have to ride the bus! Plus, more importantly, a savings of over 30 minutes bus riding and walking from the stops!

See things work out. And as the song that was playing in the car this morning says Can't give up... Can't give in... I don't have permission from God to quit.

Always reminded that I am
In HIS Loving Arms...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

walking is difficult

I fell this morning, walking from the bus stop to work.
I was stepping up on a curb, it was wet, my feet were wet and I mis-stepped a bit short of the actual spot which would have been ok.
My foot slipped off the curb and I went down like a huge tree on my left side. You should have seen me pop back up. I didn't know that I could move that fast on my own!
Now I ache all over... I hate beening physically dysfunctional, and old (40 in 19 days)... yuck!
Other than that, I am doing ok.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been trying to make Lemonade from lemons. If you know the saying then you don't need an explanation, however for those who don't know it: When life gives you a lemons, make lemonade = take the bad stuff you have been given and make a happy face, turn things around and make the bad into good.

There are certainly days when I feel like I just cant go on with life. Those are the days that I don't get out of bed, don't get dressed, don't want to go to work or church, certainly don't want to interact with any other people, especially any people who are either happy or sad, doesn't matter... you get my drift? I know that I am not the only one in the world with depression nor am I in this alone.

I luckily have God and I know that God understands and will wait for me on those days, with his arms outstreched, waiting for me to turn to him and let him take my burdens and worries. I just have to get use to holding my hands out, open my clenches fists (and jaw) and unburden myself, giving my troubles to Him.

Now, people are a bit less understanding, don't understand why I have the need to curl up in the fetal position and rock myself to sleep, or lay in bed playing PSP games. I don't have to think about things when I am doing both of these. I can be blessedly unaware of life around me.

I have been moving, and while I know that not many people actually like to move, I really hate it. I have boxes that have not been unpacked in probably 10 years, or have been unpacked and repacked into newer, more sturdy boxes. I think I hate unpacking way more than I do packing. So, after a week of being in my new apartment, I have not done much. I have unpacked what needs to be for the moment, getting by with little rather than a lot. I have been told that when I am ready I will unpack and get organized. I don't really know when I will be ready, but I am sure "they" are right.

Please keep me in your prayers.

I am forever and ever,

In His Loving Arms

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moving on...

Well, I have applied for and been accepted to move into an apartment complex which is near work and school.

I still don't have a car, but I have a bike, and the apartment is on the bus route. I figure that I can make it work out for me. Others feel like I really have to have a car to survive. I admit it scares me to think how will I get things done, like going to the doctor, or grocery shopping. I am close enough to the store, not my first choice of store but it will work, to walk. I told my dad that I would have to buy a "bag lady cart".. one that I can put my groceries in and wheel home behind me! He said he has one in the garage at his house that I can use. He said it worriedly. (is that even a word?)

I figure that I have family and friends and they will be able to come over and visit me every once in a while, right? I could then have them help me out with larger shopping excursions, like when I need to get Cat Litter and Cat Food.

It is going to be really touch and go though. I am a compulsive shopper normally, and so this move will help me in that, because I would not be able to buy what I could not get home. This is a good thing because with having to pay rent, gas, electric, etc. I will not have much money to buy things with anyways.

Charlie is already talking about where he can get a job at, and how far it would be for him to ride his bike to. He really is eager to start working, so that he can fix up his VW which is currently sitting idle at grandpa's house. I think I will have to get it registered and moved to the apt complex, that way I will at least have a car handy if needed.

The one thing that I am really nervous about is the fact that Charlie's father is now talking about getting an apartment in the same complex. I really don't want him that close. If he lives in another complex in the area that would be fine by me but I really don't want him in the SAME complex. Is that horrible of me or ?? But, at least that way Charlie would be able to see him, which is not really happening right now.

I have taken the day off work in order to pack things at my Dad's house, and also to hopefully go "in search of... " a sofa and living room furniture. If you may recall I got rid of pretty much everything when I moved out of my house. I reallllllly want to get a new bed for myself and one for Charlie too. Charlie said he does not want a new bed, he likes his bed and is excited to be able to sleep in his old bed again... but I think that at 16 he needs to at least have a full size bed. I would like to get him one of those Captain Storage type beds with the drawers under it for storage? Hopefully to keep stuff off of the floor of his room. Actually I wouldn't mind having one of those myself.

I really want a bed that has a new mattress. I have not had a "new" bed in, like, forever. When I first moved out of my dad's place when I was 17 I used an old bed, don't know where from. Then when I moved to Orange County I slept on the old couch for a while, then when Sonny and I moved into an apartment I bought a king size bed from a yard sale in the complex. The next bed we got from friends from Church when they got their new bed... and that one I am still using. I wake up aching and in pain because it is so horrible at this point. I want to spend a decent amount of money and get a Therapedic?? The kind that will form to your body and releave pressure points "for a better night's sleep."

Ok, I am now just rambling on about everything, so I really need to get going and move some more stuff out of the storage unit. That unit costs $85/month. Once I get it cleaned out --cha-ching-- money in the pocket (or for rent and food etc).

In His Ever-Lasting, Loving Arms