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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I was thinking last night about the power of nostalgia. I was listening to the radio and the station I listen to most of the time (only because it is the only station I can get clearly) is the Eagle, which is "classic rock."

It is amazing how much particular songs bring back to our minds, isn't it? The memories a song can invoke.

One of the commercials that played was an announcement for KISS. This got me thinking about my best friend in junior high, Jamie, and her brother who was a KISS fan. I started wondering how their family is doing. I have not kept in touch with Jamie, though I do have her email and we both send junk email back and forth every once in a while. It also brought to mind how at the jr. high school dances I was the unofficial "disco queen." Gosh, I was SUCH A GEEK. I still like disco.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Not a Baby Anymore

Well, Charlie is not a baby anymore... At least age-wise.

He is 18 now. Yesterday was his birthday. I think this was harder for me to handle than when I turned 40. He is not ready to be an "adult" even though he thinks he is.

For the weekend he went on a Men's Spiritual Challenge with a group of men from church. There were about 13 men (two in their teens) and they had a really good time. Charlie came back really excited about his time away.

They went white water rafting, and rock climbing. They camped out overnight and he helped with breakfast. He was exhausted and sunburned.

I worried the whole time he was gone. I kept imagining him falling: into the river, off the rock wall, on a hiking trail. I worried for no reason, other than that I could. He was fine and thrived.

He was protected and...

In His Loving Arms

Monday, June 02, 2008

Work Re-location

Well, it has happened.

After 12 years in this building, they are moving us to a new location.

The building we are in was previously owned by the company that I work for. It was bought by a church a few years ago and we have since been leasing the space. The company that I work for has many buildings around the area and some of those spaces are sitting empty. So, it was logical to stop leasing the current space and move to a less expensive, company owned building.

It is going to be strange to go to a new place to work. Not only have I worked in this one building for 12 years, I had previously worked for an additional 4 years just down the street. I am very familiar and comfortable with the area. The bus system is fairly kind to me here. It will not be so kind at the new location.

The distance as the crows fly is not bad. However, being car-less it is a different situation with the regional transit system of this burg. I will have to take a bus from my apartments, get off at a light rail station. There I will board the train and go a couple stops up the road, and switch to another bus which will drop me off near the new job site.

The one way commute is about 1 hr long. I haven't even begun to figure out the return home route, but it will probably take about the same time.

The morning commute will start my day a full 35 minutes earlier than my current situation and gives me only a 10 minute leeway arriving to the last busy stop. I don't know how long it will take to walk to the building, but I am guessing it will take a couple minutes. I can only pray that I do not have days with delays.

I had been thinking of moving sometime towards the end of summer. My lease is up in November and I definitely do not want to renew it. They raised my rent last November $60/month and I am barely scraping by. I was hoping to move to the downtown/Grid area but now am going to focus more to the Carmichael/Arden/Fair Oaks area. I hope the rent prices are reasonable. If I am lucky I can get a location which has an easy commute. Maybe even bike ride distance again?!?

Yeah, I know, I haven't thought of the bike in a long while but have been thinking about it again, especially with the move coming up.

But, I have faith that all things work out for the best.

As always, in His Loving Arms