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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sniffle, Snuffle, Sneeze, Part 2

Well, I was off work again for a week. Same crap different days. This time I did go to the doctor. I let him know that I usually don't like to complain about my allergies, however this year they were worse than normal and that the Claritin is not working like usual. He gave me three options: (1) go to the allergist and get shots (nixed this as that is a pain in the arm and a general waste of time), (2) get a mess of medications to take, or (3) move to another part of the lovely U.S. of A. or another country!!

Moving is not an option, and as stated before NO to the allergy shots. So, that left the mess of medications. So, I have now been using an inhaler, nose spray, eye drops, and ointment. I have not had trouble with asthma for quite a long time, and don't want to have another serious attack, so have been using the meds faithfully.

The doctor also suggested, quite kindly that I should think about getting a nice family to adopt my dawg and kat! HAH! Let him know under no means will they be leaving my home other than in a box! He reminded me that they are a big part of my allergy troubles and I agreed with him, but let him know that they are my family and are not going anywhere, so there.

I was also reminded to get my flu shot, which I did immediately.

I went back to work today, hating every moment of it. My breathing is still a little labored, which makes it interesting talking with customers on the phone all day, but oh well. I will get better soon, I hope. Anyways, enough boring crap.

Blog on!.... in His Loving Arms....