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Monday, November 26, 2007

Holly - Daze

Holly - Daze -- that period after Thanksgiving but before Christmas.

Just a note about Thanksgiving... It was really nice. My not-ex picked me up to go to his mom's place for dinner. We got there and dinner was not started but that was ok... My dad and Charlie arrived with the Ham, that got put in the oven. We played some Apples to Apples (awesome game), actually about 100 hands of the game. Then the ham was about done. Carrots and Cauliflower were turned on, candied sweet potatoes put in the oven, ham taken out and carved. Rolls were put in the oven to warm... Dinner was very delish. After dinner a game of UNO was enjoyed by one and all.

I went to my dad's after dinner, and we sat around watching TV for the evening.

Friday after we slept in, got up and went to Hometown Buffet with my brother and his lady and her son. We ate, dinner again was delish and better yet, the restaurant was nearly empty...

We got home and started playing Totally 80s Trivial Persuit... very very frustrating. 2 boys who are teens and don't even know what the 80's were, my dad who was in his 40's and barely remembers that era, and 3 of us who THOUGHT we knew EVERYTHING 'bout the 80's and DON'T.

After getting headaches from TP, we played dominoes... mucho bueno!

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend.

and it was


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where is the stink coming from????

For the past week or so there is a stink in my room... and I don't know where it is coming from.

If you know me and my ways, you may not be surprised by this admission. I have been living in this apartment and still have packed boxes stacked around my room. Not to mention the other stuff that is piles on and around these stacks of boxes.

At first I was thinking "maybe the cat barfed somewhere and I just haven't found it yet" ... nope, doesn't smell like ABC cat food. Then I was thinking the smell was like mold... mildew... maybe a pipe is leaking in the walls and it is permeating thru the room.

So I started walking around the room, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, not being able to pin-point where the smell is coming from. Every time I thought I got close, I would go in for the down to the wire sniff, getting my nose into the item/area ... but everything was smelling ok... or if not ok, not moldy anyways.

Then I was thinking that something in one of the boxes was molding. I fought that idea for a few days because the obvious result of that thought was that I would need to unpack those boxes in order to find the offensive item.

With nothing on T.V. last night I decided to start in on a couple of the boxes that I thought held more promise. They had things like books (can get musty smelling) as well as some expired diet pills (smelled nasty when they were new). So, I started in. I didn't find anything that was really stinky. Ended up finding a couple of things that I had given up as long lost. Borders and PetSmart discount tags on an old set of car keys (car that died over a year ago); old wallet with expired credit cards and the full size discount cars of the aforementioned stores, along with other assorted things. Threw out the expired pills; found a bag of make up that is not more than 1.5 years old (need to throw those away too but have to sort them out first); couple of shirts I had forgotten about, TV owners manual... you know JUNK basically.

All in all I got rid of two large boxes that didn't need to be sitting around in my apartment. (2 down 20 more to go!)

But, still, I didn't find the stink.

After hauling the boxes to the trash bins, I came back in the room thinking "Ah Hah, got it" then walked in a little further and "NOPE STILL STINKY" ... then I sprayed some Bath and Bodyworks room deodorizer and went into the other room to read my book. No more looking tonight. The smell won't kill me, I have lived with worse.

This morning I went into my closet to look for a warm shirt to wear today. In order to get to the closet I had to move the portable floor fan and a hamper. They were blocking the closet so the cat won't go in it and get cat hair all over my clothing. Yes, the cat can open the closet doors even thought they are sometimes difficult for me to open... and looked down towards my feet. I have a air freshner plugged into the outlet right by the closet that I had forgotten about and noticed it was out of the scented oil it uses. So, I have the replacments in the closet and put a new one in.

As I was changing the oil, I noticed the old wick was kinda smelly. I guess when I get home tonight I will find out if that was it. Maybe the air freshner was making the air nastier because it was reminding me to change it???? Maybe there has always been this stink in my room but I have been covering it up with air freshner?????? I don't know. Something to ponder.

In His Loving Arms.

Monday, November 19, 2007

For Heather

My friend Heather told me that I needed to add something to my blog as it has been so long since I have... so this is just for you Heather.

I really don't know what to write so I will tell you about the horrible thing that Heather has done.

Heather has become an AVON represenetative and so far I have bought a lot of make up. For me, who does not wear it, any make up would be a lot. I have bought lipstick, which I generally do wear, as well as foundation powder, blush, eyeshadows, and the kicker: ANEW face lotion.

I still have not worn make up since buying all this, except maybe two or three days. I hope that as the holidays come closer that I will get more in the spirit of the season and wear some face paint, but I really doubt it.

But, at least I have some fresh, new colors, and the ANEW FACE lotion. $34 and hasn't yet made me look 21, instead of the rapidly approaching 41.

As an aside -- Happy Birthday Ginger!!

Always, in HIS loving arms...