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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lost Dog? It's a Chihuahua!!! ???

So, I have mentioned that there are people in my apartment complex who I believe are drug dealers... I am just assuming, but after living with a tweeker for years and visiting with his dealer on occasion, and seeing all the other tweekers in the world I think I am pretty close to the mark. Plus, there are visitors at 530a when I am leaving the house… who else has visitors at that time of the morning. But, I digress.

Wednesday night as I left my apartment to go to dinner, I saw the dealer’s dog running around. Not the first time, both the dog and their kid run around loose all day long. I am always afraid that one or the both of them are going to get hit by a car in the parking lot. Sometimes they are outside late at night, even. The parents are usually around, but the dog is always running loose and the kid is usually on his trike.

Anyways, while I was at the Chinese restaurant that is next door to the apartment complex, the father and the little boy came in… they asked the waitress if they saw their little doggie. My first thought was, “Why are they coming INTO the restaurant asking that question? Do they think the chef grabbed the dog for ingredients in a meal?” Wouldn’t put it past the red-neck tweeker dealer to think that…

The little boy was asking at the top of his voice if any one saw his little dog… “it’s a Chihuahua, it’s a CHIHUAHUA…” and kept repeating that even as they were walking back out of the restaurant.

THE DOG IS A Jack Russell TERRIER! They might want to clue the child in that it is NOT a Chihuahua!! But, maybe they also think it is a Chihuahua??

No matter, I think they found the dog because it was running around again yesterday.

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